Francois Sagat opens wide for Rafael Alencar’s massive dick

“Yeah, suck that deep, boy. Don’t stop,” orders Rafael Alencar as Francois Sagat feasts on his enormous cock in this scene from Instinct.

Rafael Alencar and Francois Sagat

Handsome, harnessed Alencar makes a great top, giving all the right verbal as he dominates Sagat. Dressed in a leather jock and bicep bands, Sagat sucks hungrily on Rafael’s humongous dick, clearly savouring every inch. Before long, Alencar has him bent over a barrel and he’s licking his ass, lubing it up with spit before he starts slapping his big cock against Francois’ ass cheeks. We get some great close-ups as he tongues Sagat’s puckered hole and gets his thumb in there, stretching it open.

The pair round the scene off with Rafael slamming his huge hard-on into Sagat’s hole, fucking him good and hard. After flipping over onto his back, Francois gets his butt stuffed again – before shooting his load all over his muscular torso.

Rafael Alencar fucks Francois Sagat

Watch Francois take it in the ass

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