JR Bronson needs his hole stuffed

“I want you to come and get this hole,” implores JR Bronson, who’s on all fours on a raised platform, fingering his butt. Luckily, tattooed hunk Derek Parker is at hand with a massive bucket of lube, ready to satisfy Bronson’s cravings.

JR Bronson fingers his hole

It’s the only invitation Parker needs. He’s straight in there with a big lubed-up dildo, sliding it into JR’s smooth bubble butt and ramming it home. The massive latex truncheon certainly seems to hit the spot: he soon has Bronson moaning contentedly as he works it in and out, thick white lube leaking from his hole.

But it doesn’t take a lot before JR needs something bigger. So Parker selects a thick, meaty, translucent rubber cock, forcing it into Bronson’s hole, stretching him wide open.

Derek Parker and JR Bronson in Hole Busters volume 6

Watch this muscle pig take it in the ass

Derek Parker fucks JR Bronson with a dildo

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