Would you let a machine fuck you?

Not everyone gets the concept of playing on one’s own. I used to be baffled by people who told me they sometimes got out their toys for a marathon solo session. After all, who wants to have sex by themselves? I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it – until, of course, I finally tried it. And it was better than I’d thought – strangely addictive even.

Luke Riley gets fucked by a machine

Which is why for a long time I’ve been curious about fucking machines. You get people who build their own and there are plenty of plans you can download off the web. There are also some very slick-looking contraptions available to buy.

Brandon Monroe and Race Cooper get fucked by machines

Brandon Monroe and Race Cooper take a pounding

Watch handsome studs wreck their butts

I guess the folks behind Butt Machine Boys must employ a Meccano fanatic, as every machine featured in their videos looks different. Each one is bolted together from lengths of scaffolding, pistons, motors and other engineering parts. The models look like they’re being transported to seventh heaven – like it’s giving them the best fuck of their lives. And it certainly doesn’t look like they’re faking it.

Derrek Diamond and Sebastian Keyes get fucked by machines

Derrek Diamond and Sebastian Keys abuse their asses

My favourite BMB session features leather stud Luke Riley. Now, personally I’ve always questioned whether it’s really a good idea to stick adapted powertools up one’s butt. Nevertheless, Luke doesn’t seem at all fazed when he takes what appears to be a drill with a soft dildo attached to the end and uses it to abuse his own hole. In fact, he’s so greedy for more that he tries out a whole selection of monstrous mechanical fuck toys, including one amazing-looking piston-driven device that sits underneath him and pounds his hole without mercy. By the end of the scene, his smart leather chaps are drenched in lube and butt juice – and we leave Riley with a wrecked ass and a satisfied grin plastered across his handsome face.

Get more machine sex at Butt Machine Boys

Luke Riley plays with a fucking machine

Luke Riley’s marathon machine fuck

One thought on “Would you let a machine fuck you?”

  1. The machines used here don’t have balls. The dildo that I use with my fucking machine has balls and when they hit against me it gives a lot of extra pleasure. I have extremely intense orgasms deep inside my ass when using my fucking machine.

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