Greased-up pigs take a hand each

Drew Peters and Jessie Balboa are two insatiable fisting bottoms. In this jaw-dropping scene from Fisting Central, the two pigs get to work on each other’s assess before the pair of them end up stuck on Nick Horn’s hands like a couple of glove puppets.

Drew Peters and Jessie Balboa fisted by Nick Horn

Drew Peters is talented enough he can fist his own butt. So when Jessie Balboa turns up, Peters’ hole is already loose enough that Jessie’s hand can just slide in. Big-dicked Nick Horn arrives to make a third and immediately gets to work on the two sloppy-assed bottom boys.

With Balboa on top of Peters, Horn now has access to both holes, giving them a thorough working over with toys and fists, getting one hand inside each ass to fist them both at the same time. Lucky Drew gets to sit on Jessie’s fat cock and even gets two dicks stuffed inside him when Horn rams his in there too.

It’s enough to make Peters blow his load, after which the other two studs just jack off all over him.

Fisting threesome with Drew Peters, Jessie Balboa and Nick Horn

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Drew Peters, Jessie Balboa and Nick Horn

Hot fisting threesome

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