JR gets his ass drilled by rubber top

Neoprene-clad JR Bronson looks like his hole is in urgent need of attention. He’s sitting back in a dimly-lit basement with his fingers jammed in his hole – until demanding top Franco Ferarri appears to put him through his paces.

Franco Ferarri in rubber

Kitted out in a rubber apron and heavy latex gauntlets, Ferarri starts by squirting a huge glob of sticky lube into Bronson’s ass. Pushing a couple of his rubber-encased fingers inside, he starts working JR’s hole – and soon has him moaning and begging for more. Franco obliges by driving a huge dildo into the muscle pig’s sloppy butt-hole, sliding it in and out until it’s looking nicely loosened up.

Franco Ferarri works JR Bronson's hole

After the pair have sucked each other’s rockhard dicks, JR lies back to let Ferarri plunge his tool into his gaping manhole. Franco pounds JR’s ass mercilessly before pulling out and dumping his jizz all over Bronson’s sculpted torso.

Watch JR get his butt pumped

JR Bronson gets fucked by Franco Ferarri

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