Corrupt cops abuse suited stud

Poor Justin Harris. First he discovers his apartment’s been turned over, now he’s being forcibly fucked in both ends by two police officers he’d thought were here to help.

Justin Harris blows Eliad Anastos in Cop Off

When the scene starts, Harris is giving his damning evidence against bent cops Bruno Knight and Eliad Anastos, two of the Met’s finest who are now facing allegations of corruption and sexual abuse.

After finding his digs have been ransacked, Harris settles down to a probing interview with PC Anastos on the couch, sucking the cute bobby’s dick and letting him lick his tight shaved hole. But just as the two are settling down to a nice cozy fuck, in walks Knight, Eliad’s less amenable partner and things start to turn nasty.

Eliad Anastos abuses Justin Harris

While Anastos sets about fucking Justin in the ass, Bruno unzips and forces their now-reluctant victim to suck his dick, fucking him roughly in the face. What follows is a hot, sleazy threesome that reaches its climax with the two crooked coppers shooting a bucket-load of spunk over their suited patsy.

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Police brutality in Cop Off

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