Adam Champ fucks Logan Scott

This scene from Animus starts with hairy, bearded Adam Champ – looking hot in a Muir cap and a leather harness – running his hand over his furry abs and letting it stray down to the front of his unzipped jeans while he watches Logan Scott. Logan stares back, as he slouches on a bench in just a leather jacket, slowly stroking his dick as it gets gradually harder.

Adam Champ fucks Logan Scott

Champ leans over and takes Scott’s dick in his mouth, gorging on his hard veiny rod and prompting a gasp from Logan as he sucks hard on the smooth round head. Next he gets his face between Scott’s butt cheeks and licks his hole, getting it wet and lubricated with his tongue.

With Logan bent over the bench, Adam plunges his cock into the stud’s ass, giving his hairy hole a good hard pounding. He puts him on his back to fuck him some more, holding his legs open as he rams his cock deep into him, until both of them are ready to shoot.

Adam Champ and Logan Scott in Animus

Watch Adam and Logan’s leather fuck

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