Cute James Ryder fucks teammate Bobby Hart

There are more than a few things I’d do with James Ryder, given half a chance. If you’re a fan of this fit, fresh-faced, tattooed young stud, make sure you take a look at the rubber scene he did with Trenton Ducati about a year ago. This time, he’s been paired with Bobby Hart for the latest part of Hot House sports gear fetish flick Get Your Ass in Gear! 2.

Picture of James Ryder fucking Bobby Hart

Deep-throating, messy blow jobs and slobbering all over hard cock are definitely emerging as the main themes of this series. Less gear-intensive than previous episodes – just jocks and knee pads this time – this scene starts with Ryder and Hart swapping blow jobs on a platform. Bobby gorges on James’s rock-hard dick before James gets down to work on Bobby’s, tugging at his balls as he takes the other boy’s boner all the way into his throat.

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Next Bobby gets down on all fours to let his buddy fuck him in the ass. Ryder slides his dick into Hart’s tight hole, slapping his cheeks as he drills him from behind, then flips him over to give it to him from the front. As he gets close to cumming, he pulls out so he can shoot his spunk over Bobby’s abs. Then Bobby jerks off too, adding his own cum to the sticky mess on his stomach.

Images of James Ryder and Bobby Hart in Get Your Ass in Gear 2

Watch Get Your Ass in Gear! 2 at Hot House

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