Nasty leather daddies flog, fuck and drink piss

Nate Pierce and Roman Wright make an awesome pairing in this scorching scene from Titan’s newest roughie, Leather and Piss. They’re both huge, muscled, hairy, bearded – and they’re like a pair of total animals when they’re let loose on each other in the Titan dungeon.

Nate Pierce sucks Roman Wright's cock in Leather and Piss

The action starts with tattooed Nate flogging Wright across his massive, muscular back, as he stands in just a harness, bracing himself against a bench. It isn’t long before the tables are turned and Pierce gets his turn, the hairy stud’s flesh turning red from the sting of the leather whip. After that Roman hoses him down with warm piss, giving him a generous mouthful straight from his cock.

Nate Pierce and Roman Wright in Leather and Piss

After some mutual dick sucking, Pierce obligingly bends over the bench and sticks his hairy ass out for Wright to fuck. Roman grabs his leather harness and thrusts into him hard as both pigs grunt with pleasure, before he flips him over and fucks him some more. But next it’s Wright’s turn to play bottom, so Nate gets him on his back and – after getting a good taste of his meaty ass – forces his heavily pierced cock into the hole. Wright works on his rigid pole until it lets loose a sticky load before Pierce pulls out and spurts his cum all over Roman’s hairy body.

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Nate Pierce and Roman Wright in Leather and Piss

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