Military studs fuck in dress blues

Adam Killian and Spencer Reed are decked out in full marine dress uniform for a new COLT calendar – but as the kit gradually comes off, the shoot descends into a frenzied fuckfest.

Adam Killian in marine dress uniform

It turns out Adam Killian has more than one or two fantasies about guys in uniform as he shares stories with the crew while the photo shoot gets underway. A moment later and Reed’s white gloved hand is unbuttoning Adam’s smart military jacket and making a grab for the throbbing hunk of meat in his pants.

The two marines take it in turns to suck each other’s rock-hard dicks, with Killian rocking back and forth, fucking Spencer in the mouth before Reed leans back and spits, aiming a mouthful of saliva at Adam’s joint.

Adam Killian and Spencer Reed in Uniform Men

Next Killian turns his attention to his buddy’s hairy hole and he pushes open Spencer’s butt cheeks so he can shove his hungry tongue into the furry folds of his ass. After that he fastens himself to Reed’s back and fucks him from behind, pumping in and out of his greedy hole – then stripping off completely and getting onto all fours so his ass is on display. Spencer pushes a gloved finger inside teasingly, then follows it up by thrusting his big dick in there. The two military studs flip back and forth, giving it to each other good and hard until they’re finally ready to shoot their loads.

Watch Colt Studios’ Uniform Men

Adam Killian and Spencer Reed in Uniform Men

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