Josh West gets stuck into Thor Larsson

Josh West must be wondering where the hell his arm has disappeared to in this scene from Titan‘s epic butt-play actioner Ass Attack. Thor Larsson’s ass just seems to swallow it up – and the power-bottom pig-daddy is still begging for more.

Picture of Josh West fisting Thor Larsson

Josh West’s hard-on is straining against the inside of his skintight neoprene pants as he and grey-haired hunk Thor Larsson share a sexy, sloppy kiss. Josh drops to his knees and starts working his mouth around Thor’s fat joint, chewing on his foreskin before swallowing his cock whole.

Watch Thor Larsson get his butt fisted

Bending Larsson over, Josh teases his hole, finger-fucking him and eating out his ass. Next he rubbers-up his dick and plunges it deep into Thor’s butt, slamming his meat repeatedly into his buddy’s wet, sloppy hole. Ready for more, Thor gets on his hands and knees as Josh forces a huge dildo – easily wider than a human fist – deep into his butt. Getting up and squatting over the massive lump of black latex, Larsson decides to take a ride on it before Josh swaps it for his gloved fist. The insatiable bottom works his ass up and down on Josh’s fist and forearm, taking it almost to the elbow. By the time they’re finished fisting, his hole is well and truly wrecked, the two pigs finally ready to each blow a load of sticky cum.

Pictures of Josh West and Thor Larsson in Ass Attack

Watch Ass Attack at Titan

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