Shrink wrapped redhead forced to give up his ass

Brenn Wyson is looking less than completely comfortable. With a red ball gag in his mouth and about a mile of cellophane wrapped around his body, he can’t move, he can’t talk and he can’t say no.

Jimmy Durano fucks Brenn Wyson

So when sexy bearded Latin top Jimmy Durano demands, “Will you give me what I want?” there’s not a lot of room for negotiation, and poor Brenn has no choice but to suck it up. And that’s just what he does.

With the ball gag off, Durano shoves his shaved, perfect-looking cock into Wyson’s mouth, holding him by the strap around his throat and pushing in and out. Wyson sucks like a good boy until Jimmy turns his attention to the helpless sub’s bottom half. Removing a section of cellophane, he forces Brenn’s legs in the air and beats his ass. He spits on his hand and starts working on Wyson’s hole, fingering it before he sticks his tongue inside.

Brenn Wyson and Jimmy Durano in Sektor 9 Part 2

By the time Wyson is released from his shrink wrap straightjacket altogether, poor Brenn’s so hot that all he can do is frantically jerk his cock while Jimmy mercilessly fucks his sore, reddened ass. In an instant, Durano flips him over to make him bend over the bench, giving his hole a further pummelling until Brenn shoots his spunk over the discarded cellophane. Pushing his face into the slimy mess, evil Jimmy wraps the plastic across Brenn’s face while he beats his joint and delivers a wad of his own hot goo.

Brenn Wyson and Jimmy Durano in Sektor 9 Part 2

See Brenn abused in shrink wrap

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