Sektor 9 studs fuck in sling

Bearded blond stud Chris Daniels finds Marc Dylan languishing in a sling in a small cell, with his cute butt and hard cock on display, waiting to be put to use.

Marc Dylan gets fucked in a sling

Daniels gets down and starts eating his ass, exploring Dylan’s hole with his tongue. Marc groans with pleasure as Chris alternates between licking out his butt and sucking on his hard dick, which peeps out of his crotchless rubber shorts.

Next Daniels slides his own cock into Marc’s hungry hole, pumping in and out of him in the sling, which soon has him yelling out from the impact. Once Dylan’s been let down and they’re both on the bench, jerking their dicks, Chris positions himself over Marc’s face and starts ramming his cock into the hunk’s waiting mouth.

Unable to hold off any longer, Daniels’ cock explodes over Marc’s muscled torso and Dylan responds by letting loose his own geyser of sticky spunk.

Chris Daniels and Marc Dylan at play in Sektor 9

Watch Marc getting fucked in a sling

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