Dog training with Kyle King

This scene from the Hot House sleaze epic Sektor 9 starts with handsome Kyle King trapped in a cage wearing nothing but a yellow rubber jock and a collar, and with a latex doggie tail shoved in his ass.

Bruno Knight plays with Kyle King in Sektor 9

Hairy cub Bruno Knight teases King by feeding him his cock through the bars, and then releases him to let him walk about on all fours. As he plays with the heavy rubber tail in Kyle’s ass, Bruno has his filthy pet yapping like a little puppy – and then he pulls it out so he can feast on the mutt’s lightly haired butt hole.

Kyle gets to suck on Knight’s cock one more time before Bruno stuffs it into his ass, pulling on his leash as he slams it into him. King cries out as Knight rams his meat into his bubble butt, then turns him over and fucks him from the front, jerking Kyle’s dick at the same time.

Bruno Knight dominates Kyle King

Watch Bruno Knight dominating Kyle King

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