Straight boys stripped by uniformed officers

The deviant cops at Clothed Male: Nude Male have a novel solution for the yob culture blighting Britain’s streets – and it involves a lot of strip searching, ritual humiliation and degrading sexual abuse.

Two thugs are abused by uniformed officers

Cocky young thug Fraser is a perfect catch. He’s been caught fighting and now he’s been reeled into the police station where he’s forced to strip, lick ass, suck cock and kiss another inmate. Very soon it’s the scene of a full-scale orgy orchestrated by the sick cops, where Fraser is made to take centre stage in their perverted games.

Produced by the team behind Straight Hell and Brutal Tops, CMNM is easily one of the best reality sites around right now. Their formula’s been widely imitated, but the guys who run CMNM remain a step ahead of the closest competition. No one does it with quite the same humour and their flair for thinking up sick role plays is second to none.

Watch straight lads abused and degraded at Clothed Male: Nude Male

Police brutality from Clothed Male: Nude Male (CMNM)

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