5 hot scenes with Race Cooper

Race Cooper first exploded onto our screens in XXX, Steve Cruz’s adrenaline-charged third feature for Mustang Studios in 2009. His electric scene with Scott Alexander was an instant hit. It launched the former TV producer into a career in porn that would see him headline for the likes of Raging Stallion, Men at Play, Kink.com and Cazzo. He’s since established his own paysite, Edger9.com, and his own wrestling fundraiser night at San Francisco’s The Powerhouse. All that, and he’s an accomplished blogger too; his writing reveals a perceptive, humorous, sometimes challenging perspective on porn, the media, gay life and… well, race.

Image of Race Cooper in The Trustees

Plus, of course, he’s an unapologetic lover of kink, often describing himself as a sexual ‘freak’. His work with Tony Buff for Fetish Force bears him out: we’ve seen him do fisting, sounding and bondage, lapping it all up with boundless energy.

With The Trustees, Buff’s latest outing into twisted man-sex, Race is back – and he’s getting thoroughly fisted again. To celebrate, let’s take a look back over five of this sexy man’s hottest scenes.

Check out Race Cooper’s latest scene for Fetish Force

Skuff 4: Downright Fierce (2009)

Race Cooper has made numerous appearances for Fetish Force, Titan and Raging Stallion, but only one for Hot House – in Steven Scarborough’s Skuff 4. In a dark, empty alleyway, Race leans against his Harley wearing nothing but a leather jock, harness, boots and Muir cap. Along comes cute, submissive boy next door Derrek Diamond and the scene is set for a scorching suck ‘n fuck on a filthy mattress in the middle of the alley. Race looks totally at home – given it’s his second scene ever – and Derrek looks like he can hardly contain himself as he submits to the ripped, super-endowed top.

Images of Derrek Diamond and Race Cooper in Skuff 4: Downright Fierce

Watch Skuff 4: Downright Fierce at Hot House

Dominus (2011)

I think I’d put this one in my top two or three Race Cooper scenes, thanks to the chemistry between Cooper and Jason Adonis. It starts with Adonis stroking his meaty cock before Race arrives to wrap his hungry mouth around Jason’s shaft. By the end, he’s practically yelling the roof off as Adonis slams his dick into Cooper’s quivering hole.

Images of Race Cooper and Jason Adonis in Dominus

Watch Dominus at Raging Stallion

Back Alley (2011)

Race’s first on-screen fisting is in Tony Buff’s Back Alley – and the lucky top is cute, bearded stud Felix Barca. What starts as a bondage scenario, with Race’s tortured, muscular body gleaming under the studio lights, reaches its crescendo when Barca gets him bent over a barrel to work on his ass. First he slides one finger into him, then another, until his entire fist is inside – and Cooper is roaring as Felix proceeds to pummel his prostate.

Images of Race Cooper and Felix Barca in Back Alley

Watch Back Alley at Fetish Force

Loud and Nasty (2012)

Titan paired Race up with veteran fetish pig Leo Forte for this deliciously sleazy entry in their long-running Rough series. Forte gets Cooper into a sling and tongues his hole before gently but firmly pushing his hand inside. He follows it up with a fat, ridged dildo before ramming his dick into him and fucking his butt – until each of them is ready to shoot a sticky load.

Images of Race Cooper in Loud and Nasty

Watch Loud and Nasty at Titan

The Trustees (2014)

If the opening of this second scene from Tony Buff’s The Trustees makes uncomfortable viewing – with its racially loaded assignment of sub/dom roles – it’s my guess that’s entirely deliberate. It wouldn’t be the first time Race Cooper has offered a confrontational, even gently subversive play on racial stigma and stereotypes. Cooper and co-star Dirk Caber play it with an edgy sincerity, and it’s to the credit of both of them that they not only pull it off, but then proceed to deliver a scene that works as pure porno fantasy.

Images of Dirk Caber fisting and milking Race Cooper in The Trustees

The inevitable cavity search follows. But when Caber starts trying to ram his hand into Cooper’s ass, it looks like Race might be too tight to take it. It requires a short break and a change of position before Dirk’s hand will slide in even as far as the knuckle. “Keep going, keep going,” encourages the hungry bottom, as Caber patiently pushes forward little by little. Their reward comes when Race’s hole finally swallows up the entire fist, leaving the bottom gasping for breath.

If you’re a Race fan, this one’s required viewing. Don’t miss it.

Watch The Trustees at Fetish Force

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