Masked Ricky fucks a Fleshlight

The slightly insane grin plastered across Ricky’s face should tell you he’s not your average exhibitionist. This cute, smooth, muscular stud is on a mission to jerk off all over the US, first christening his hotel room in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Image of Ricky fucking a Fleshlight

Next to his perfectly hairless, sculpted torso, Ricky’s most striking asset is his juicy shaved uncut cock. He starts working it as he poses in the mirror, pulling down his tight red shorts and showing off his muscles. To make his jerk-off just a little bit more interesting, he’s got a Fleshlight Mount – a chunky-looking piece of padded furniture specially designed for being fucked. Ricky gets onto it and starts pumping away, pulling out when he’s ready to shoot and unleashing a nice wad of creamy white cum.

Images from Ricky's Road Trip

Watch young Ricky blow his load


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