Sleazy gay cops abuse skinhead thug

“Get your fucking tongue up it,” sneers one of the corrupt coppers from this week’s video on Brutal Tops. Just because they’re in uniform doesn’t mean you can trust these guys – as their prisoner is about to find out.

Two uniformed police officers abuse a skinhead

This police officer might look like a friendly fresh-faced lad but when he reels in a thuggish skinhead bent on trouble things begin to turn nasty. Not content with just booking the guy, he and the desk sergeant set about strip searching him and checking out the inside of his hairy butt.

Once they’ve got him stark naked and under their control, the two evil cops give it everything they’ve got, abusing their victim with unconcealed glee. Sticking their feet into his mouth as he writhes on the floor choking is just the start – very soon they’ve got him licking their shoes and even stuffing his face between the hairy butt cheeks of one of them.

Watch grown men take heavy sexual abuse at Brutal Tops

Brutal Tops

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