Cute Sebastian fucks his daddy

Sebastian Keys can give just as well as he can take. This cute youngster has already shown us how much he loves to get his butt stuffed, but the tables are turned this time when he finds muscle daddy Will Swagger strung up by one ankle.

Sebastian Keys and Will Swagger

Swagger’s hanging from a rope, dressed in sports kit, with his ass on display to anyone who wants a piece. Never one to let an opportunity pass him by, Sebastian’s quick to get in there and tongue the stud’s hairy hole, getting his mouth around Will’s juicy sphincter. Will gets his chance to pay him back, though, when Seb squats over his mouth to get his own butt hole eaten out.

Once he’s finished getting rimmed, Keys rams his boy-cock into Swagger’s hole, shafting him to the hilt and pounding him like a jackhammer. It isn’t until he’s completely finished with his captive that Sebastian lets him down so Will can finally let loose a fistful of hot jizz.

Watch Sebastian Keys fuck Will Swagger in bondage

Sebastian Keys fucks Will Swagger in bondage

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