Blowing a highway cop

We’ve all been there. Taking the freeway just a bit too fast might not seem like such a huge crime at the time but, as Ray Diaz has just discovered, it can land you in deep trouble. Ray’s just been taken into custody by highway patrolman Vinny Castillo – and you can bet he’s in for a stiff punishment.

Picture of Vinny Castillo in highway patrol gear

In fact, Diaz is prepared to do just about anything to avoid making this official, so when the cop pulls open his pants to reveal a huge slab of meat, Ray’s ready to take it all if it’ll get him off the hook. What follows is a blow job of almost Olympic proportions as Ray sucks the officer’s tool on his knees in front of the squad car, letting the uniformed stud fuck his face hard and deep. Then they settle in the front seat of the car so the crooked cop can relax and get comfortable while Diaz really gets his mouth to work around his massive joint.

Ray gobbles dick with such enthusiasm that it must take his custodian some effort to hold off shooting for so long. But in the end, there’s no holding back: the cop finally blows his load and Diaz gets a face full of sticky cum.

Watch Ray Diaz give head to Vinny Castillo

Pictures of Vinny Castillo getting a blow job from Ray Diaz

Watch the squad car blow job on Next Door Buddies

One thought on “Blowing a highway cop”

  1. Soy un chico que me gustaría que un hombre me sometiera asu voluntad y qué me diera por culo,pero a mi me atrae un police leather de uniforme,pero no me atrae qué me peguen.
    Soy gay y además virgen,
    tengo 44 anos y me escita los policías leather de Alemania me ponen cachondo,yo lo aria con varios tipos de uniformados pues uno me penetra y otro le chupo el pene,y uno a mi me masturba, rozando con sus guantes de cuero mi pene asta sacar todo mi semen.

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