Hot cops Donnie and Ricky fuck on duty

Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker are two hot cops who grab their chance to get out of their uniforms and relieve a little pressure in an empty garage.

Police officers fuck in Bad Cop

The two hunks kiss before Donnie gets down to suck on Ricky’s big dick. After gorging on his buddy’s cock, Donnie whips out his own boner, letting Ricky wrap his mouth around the juicy slab of meat.

See Donnie and Ricky in action

After that, the pair lick out each other’s asses before Ricky stuffs his dick into Donnie’s hole. He loosens up the rugged bottom’s tight ass before getting him on his back so they can fuck eye-to-eye. Ricky slams his dick into Donnie’s butt while he jerks him off, pulling out before he shoots his load.

Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker in Bad Cop

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