Rubber stud’s ass used as urinal

This is one from the Cazzo Club archives: lean, sexy Sahaj opens up his ass using a speculum and hunky leather cub Felix Barca ends up taking a leak into his stretched-open hole.

Felix Barca takes a piss inside Sahaj

Felix Barca is looking hot in a leather waistcoat, a cheeky smirk plastered across his face as he watches Sahaj easing the cold steel contraption into his butt, gradually opening it up so it stretches his hole. Sahaj lies back with his legs wide open while Felix pisses straight into his ass, letting the fluid run out onto the floor.

The climax of the scene sees Barca shoving his whole hand inside Sahaj, pushing his fist in and out while the French stud strokes his rock-hard cock. It’s classic no-holds-barred Cazzo filth.

Pig play with Felix Barca and Sahaj

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