Zak Spears in leather

Zak Spears is still one of my gay porn idols. I first encountered him as the evil fisting commandant in Falcon’s Abduction trilogy in the early 90s. There’s been a leather/fetish theme running through Spears’ filmography ever since and over the intervening 20 years he’s appeared in dozens of movies for the likes of Hot House, Tom of Finland and Catalina.

Zak Spears in Raw 2

Zak retired from porn in the late 90s only to make a comeback in the mid-2000s in a handful of movies for Falcon and Channel 1. Here he is in Bolt and Raw 2, two videos he made with Chi Chi LaRue in 2004. He’s updated his image since the Falcon days: the athletic buck of the Abduction movies is now a hot leather daddy with a shaved head and goatee – and he’s looking just as sexy as ever.

Zak Spears in action in Raw 2

See Zak Spears’ profile at Channel 1 Releasing

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