Fetish Force boys in sounding contest

Tony Buff looks like he might just have met his match. “I haven’t tried this one yet,” he grins as he brandishes an evil-looking ridged metal sound. After smearing it with lube he pushes it into his dick. It takes a couple of attempts to get it all the way in, but soon there’s just an inch of steel protruding from the head.

Jesse Santana runs a sound through the head of his cock

But standing opposite him – ready to compete with just about any perverted stunt Buff can pull – is boy-next-door-gone-bad Jesse Santana. Santana’s first trick is to take a thin smooth sound and poke it through the hole left by his now-absent PA, impaling the head of his cock and running it up and down on the shiny rod.

Jesse Santana and Tony Buff play with sounds

The two pigs stand on opposite sides of the table, jerking their dicks while each of them swallows up a metal sound inside his hard-on. If Buff’s is all about width and texture, Santana is clearly more of a depth boy – and it’s an almost scary moment when he slides the long sound into his urethra only for it to disappear completely.

When they’re finished with sounding for now, the pair stand side by side, beating their cocks until their ready to blow their loads.

Watch Tony Buff and Jesse Santana at Fetish Force

Jesse Santana and Tony Buff get into some extreme cock play

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