Leather bears pump and fuck

These two massive, bearded, beefy bears can’t seem to get enough of each other. Mick Powers – in a leather jock strap and bicep bands – looks like he just wants to gobble up his buddy, towering booted black muscle stud Lee Mane.

Mick Powers licks the vacuum cylinder on Lee Mane's cock

First Mick tweaks Lee’s nipples before slapping his rubber-encased hands against the black bear’s huge pecs, then Lee slaps Mick’s butt making him yelp from the pain. When Mick bends down to suck on Lee’s dick, we see it’s trapped inside a huge vacuum cylinder, pumped up to fill almost the whole of the acrylic tube. Mick runs his mouth up and down the thick transparent column worshipping every inch of black cock, even flicking his tongue over the valve on the end, like it’s a mechanical nipple.

When he finally releases Lee’s enormous joint from the cylinder, releasing the pressure and pulling off the tube with an almighty sucking sound, he can’t wait to get his lips around his buddy’s cock. He has to stretch his mouth wide open to fit the huge dick inside – but he manages pretty well, sucking it almost all the way to the root, with maybe only an inch to spare.

Mick’s reward is to get the massive piece of meat stuffed inside his hairy hole. Lee eases it in and out, holding Mick’s legs apart as he slowly but firmly fills his butt with black cock.

Mick Powers and Lee Mane play with a vacuum pump

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Muscle bears Lee Mane and Mick Powers in action

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