Troy Daniels bondaged in sport kit

“Stretch me out,” begs footballer Troy Daniels, pushing his ass out as he waits, bent over and tied to a stool. Quarterback Lucas Knight is only too happy to oblige, pushing a big rubber dildo into the stud’s greased-up hole.

Troy Daniels gets his butt plowed

By this stage, Troy’s already shown what a dedicated player he is by trying to take Knight’s big dick all the way into his mouth. It’s a tight fit and he has a hard time getting the whole thing in. But Lucas is more than happy to turn his attention to his teammate’s butt instead, first fucking him with a big dildo, then forcing a plump butt plug in there.

As he toys with Troy’s ass, Lucas starts to feel something growing inside his football shorts – until eventually he has to pull them down and start stroking his cock. The pair get more and more hot and bothered until the young jock finally has to blow his load, letting loose with a big wad of warm, creamy spunk.

Troy Daniels and Lucas Knight

Watch Troy and Lucas play in sports kit

Troy Daniels and Lucas Knight in sports gear

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