Sub boi flogged, pumped and fucked

Tristan Phoenix is a greedy boy. One leather master just isn’t enough for this horny sub slut and in this scene from Fetish Force, the smooth toned bottom gets to take a whole heap of punishment and abuse from nasty tops Rusty Stevens and Phenix Saint.

Tristen Pheonix gets his cock pumped

You’ll find yourself wanting to thrash Tristan too when the cheeky little fuck breaks out into a smug, self-satisfied grin as Phenix begins to beat his hairless chest with a cruel-looking leather flogger. It takes a while but eventually the cocky attitude starts to falter and in the end Saint manages to wipe the smirk right off his face by delivering a series of vicious lashes across his tender butt.

Phenix Saint flogs Tristen Pheonix

By now this pain pig may have learned his lesson – but there’s a little way to go yet before his two masters are finished with him for the day. Still torturing his nipples, Saint and Stevens stick a vacuum cylinder on his cock and start pumping, and soon his dick is swelling to fill the acrylic column.

Saint takes charge now, delivering a final beating to Tristan’s ass before blindfolding the boy and feeding him his dick. After he’s taught him to deep throat it, forcing him to choke, Phenix bends him over and delivers a good pounding into his sore, reddened ass.

Watch Tristan taking his punishment

Tristen Pheonix topped by Phenix Saint and Rusty Stevens

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