Leather hunk Connor Maguire flogs and fucks his bound slave

We’ve seen Connor Maguire playing top a good few times before. This handsome, redheaded hunk has a nicely shaped cock and a big appetite. But this time he shows he’s got a nasty streak too as he takes full advantage of captive Seven Dixon.

Connor Maguire fucks Seven Dixon

Bound Gods not only boasts better production values than just about any other site out there – with flawless photography, stunning sets and a vast collection of state-of-the-art dungeon equipment. It also delivers genuinely hard bondage that pulls absolutely no punches.

This scene starts with tattooed stud Seven Dixon blindfolded and chained in a dungeon. Along comes Connor – looking hot in leather chaps, a harness and bicep bands – and we’re straight into some seriously hard SM role-play. Maguire gets Seven down onto his knees and stuffs his cock into the helpless stud’s mouth. After that, he lays into him with a mean-looking leather flogger, ignoring his victim’s cries as he tortures his reddening flesh.

See Seven Dixon bound and fucked

Clamping his gloved hand over Dixon’s mouth, he proceeds to ram his hard cock into the hunk’s ass from behind. Next he forces him to kneel upright, bound with rope and suspended from a metal ring, covering his torso with pegs and whipping his hard-on with a leather switch.

Connor Maguire tops Seven Dixon

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