Logan McCree in master/slave sandwich fuck

This scene from Raging Stallion’s sci-fi fetish crossover The Visitor starts with shaven-headed, rubber-clad alien life form Logan McCree wandering into the back room of a San Francisco sex club. There he finds leather master Bruno Bond playing with sub boy Cole Streets, who’s been blindfolded and tied to a St Andrew’s cross.

A rubber fuck sandwich in The Visitor

Things start to hot up even more when McCree joins the two bondage players, resulting in a scorching threesome. For someone who’s meant to have spent his life in outer space, Logan seems pretty well educated in gay back room action. Without much prompting, he gets down on his knees and sucks dick like an expert, deep throating both men in turn.

Bruno Bond and Logan McCree top Cole Streets

It’s all the hotter for the fact that we can see other guys in the background of the scene, making out in the dark, shadowy corners of the club. Bond bends Streets over and licks his smooth, shaved hole before giving McCree his turn to eat the boy’s ass. Then the two tops take it in turns to fuck the greedy bottom, swapping ends as they spit-roast him, taking a hole each. The best moment in the whole scene comes when Logan is hammering his dick into Cole’s butt and Bond decides to fuck Logan in the ass at the same time – giving us an awesome close-up shot of McCree getting fucked by the master while he fucks the slave.

Watch the backroom bondage session

A leather/rubber threesome in The Visitor

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