Thom Barron drills army buddy’s ass

It’s been a while since I featured a movie from my favourite European studio. One of the things I like about Cazzo is the way they manage to combine production values that rival the best of their US counterparts with real spontaneity. Plus they’ve got a huge back catalogue, which means they can mix up brand new material with sizzling classics from a few years back – like this scene from Berlin Army Dreams.

Picture of Steve jerking off in army kit

Tall, handsome, dark-haired Steve is hanging out in the barracks, with his army pants unzipped and his thick, meaty tool in his hand. In walks hunky, blond fellow recruit Thom Barron, catching him red handed. But neither one of them seems too bothered – in no time at all these two frustrated, horny military studs set about relieving each other’s pent-up tension.

The pair strip down to their shorts to suck each others’ dicks, then Steve gets up on the table so Thom can inspect his ass. Barron gets his tongue right in there, eating his buddy’s hole, then he bends him over the table and fucks him with his rigid boner.

Watch the free trailer at Cazzo

Pictures of Thom Barron and Steve in Berlin Army Dreams

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