Mad Men lookalike jerks his cock

I was already a fan of US hunk Cavin Knight after his Sektor 9 scene with Jessie Colter. And this week he’s guest star for gay porn haute couturiers Men at Play, with a sexy solo that has Knight gradually strip off and fuck himself on a rubber plug.

Cavin Knight in In Deep

Brit porn powerhouse MAP looks like it’s going for a Mad Men theme this week, with 50s décor as the backdrop for its latest transatlantic partnership. Cavin makes a good substitute for Don Draper / Jon Hamm in his sharp grey suit – but as the layers slowly come off, Knight reveals a smooth, toned body with tattoos across his back, arms and torso – and a juicy looking, perfectly hairless butt hole.

Cavin Knight's solo

With the office door locked, Cavin settles back to relieve a bit of executive pressure by stripping down to his red jock and stuffing a slim black butt plug into his hole while he strokes his oiled-up cock.

See Cavin Knight in action at Men at Play

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