Video: Edu Boxer returns to Men at Play

In the porn world, ‘comeback’ has come to denote the reappearance of models who have spent months – weeks even – in early retirement. Sometimes we didn’t even know they’d been away. This one’s for real though. Edu Boxer was at the top of the porn league table for several years, from his early days as a fresh-faced Colt pin-up, through numerous pairings with then-boyfriend Manu Maltes. It was in the mid to late 2000s that his time as a regular tailed off.

Men at Play‘s Inducted pitches hardcore veteran Edu against fresh meat Dani Robles. Robles is the latest city boi to join Boxer’s gym. He’s smartly dressed, immaculately groomed and there’s no way he’s going to get his brand-new suit messed up. But Edu’s got other ideas – and decides what Dani needs is the kind of induction he’ll never forget.

Watch the full video of Dani’s anal induction at Men at Play

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