Troy Haydon gets dirty in the dungeon

I already had Troy Haydon down as a filthy fucker after his sports kit session in All Stars, but with his first visit to the Club Inferno Dungeon in Down & Dirty, he pushes it up a notch.

Troy Haydon in Down & Dirty

The fourth instalment of the Club Inferno series has him gleefully wrecking Colin Black’s ass with toys before plunging his fist in there. “Tell me how good it feels,” demands Haydon as he works a latex truncheon in and out of Black’s hole. The most Colin can do is groan as he takes the thick rubber pole as far as it’ll go. Next Troy chooses a much bigger dildo, slathering it lovingly with thick, gloopy lube and ramming it into Colin’s butt.

Colin Black gets his ass drilled by Troy Haydon

“That’s getting so loose,” he smirks – and that’s before he’s shoved his rubbered-up fist into the bottom boy’s gaping hole. It doesn’t look like it’s going in all the way – and it’s kinda exciting to watch Black straining to take more, pushing himself back onto Troy’s hand as little by little he gets closer to taking the whole thing.

Watch Colin get fisted

Troy Haydon fists Colin Black

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