Alex Marte fucks in underground leather lair

We all need a little sleaze from time to time. So this week’s offering from Brit studio Men at Play has Latin hunk Alex Marte ditch his sharp suit for a raunchy leather harness and jock, as he explores an underground sex club where he can release a little of that executive pressure.

Alex Marte and David Avila in Depraved

In search of some quality playtime away from the office, Alex takes a detour into the dark, shadowy world of anonymous sex. In a grimy cruising club he gets down on his knees and puts his lips to work on a couple of disembodied schlongs that are poking through the glory holes in the club’s subterranean labyrinth. Before long, Marte’s ready to drop all inhibitions and get down n’ dirty with the regulars. So the towering hunk strips off his smart suit and gets into his leathers for a hard, sleazy session with bearded stud David Avila.

Watch Alex Marte’s sleazy leather fuck

Soon Avila is poking his tongue into Marte’s rock-hard bubble butt, after which Alex gets him on all fours, looping his tie around his neck and plunging his meaty tool into the other man’s ass. After all the foreplay, it looks like this is what really hits the mark: Marte fucks like a demon, hammering David’s butt from behind then flipping him over so he can fuck him face-to-face. All the time Avila is jerking his cock like a man possessed, until Alex is ready to pull out and blow his load.

Alex Marte gets sleazy with David Avila

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Leather hunks fuck for Men at Play

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