Rick Van Sant poled by 9″ Latin top

Rick Van Sant looks like he’s doing fine all on his own. Dressed in nothing but a rubber jock, cuffed to an iron cage and with a ball gag to keep him quiet, he already seems quite happy just riding a huge dildo. When he sits down on it, the entire thing disappears into his insatiable hole with no trouble at all.

Image of Angelo stuffing a dildo into Rick Van Sant's butt

But it’s little wonder Rick goes weak at the knees when he lays eyes on 6’2 Angelo. With his Latin looks, ripped physique and (more to the point) his meaty 9″ power tool, Angelo is a butt slut’s dream come true. And as he watches Van Sant bouncing up and down on his fat dildo, Angelo – kitted out in a slick rubber jock, cap and rubber elbow-length gloves – reckons he can put that talented hole to better use.

Releasing him from his cuffs and gag, he first gets Rick chomping on his massive tool. The grateful bottom takes it into his mouth and sucks on it greedily before bending over to take it in his ass. Angelo rams his big dick into the hungry sub with hard, long strokes, giving him the full impact of his mammoth joint. As Rick’s ass gets steadily looser and sloppier, the demanding latex top has him flip over so he can fuck him from the front, jerking his cock as he does so. When he finally pulls out, they’re both ready to blow their loads, releasing streams of hot, sticky goo over Van Sant’s muscled torso.

Watch Rick Van Sant get fucked

Angelo and Rick Van Sant in The Sub

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