Jimmy Durano fucks Alexander Garrett

Take a look at this shot. Just how fuckable is Alexander Garrett?

Picture of Alexander Garrett in rubber

I don’t know who I envy more in this scene – him or sexy Jimmy Durano. This comes from the new Hot House fetish actioner The Sub – follow-up to last year’s The Dom – Jimmy walks into the playroom to find Garrett just lounging on a padded platform, playing with his meaty, edible-looking cock, which is perfectly framed by a simple rubber jock. Garrett’s a wet dream-cum-true: tall, tanned and ripped with ruggedly handsome looks and a hard, muscular bubble butt.

Jimmy doesn’t even hesitate. He stoops right down and helps himself to Alexander’s huge dick, wrapping his mouth around the big head and stroking up and down. When he pushes Garrett’s legs apart to inspect his hole, we can see it’s already nicely greased. His finger goes in easily, eliciting a groan from Garrett.

Alexander Garrett shoots his load: free preview video

Pictures of Jimmy Durano and Alexander Garrett in The Sub

Now it’s time for Jimmy’s dick to get to work as he pushes himself into Alexander’s welcoming man-hole. Durano pumps in and out deep and firm, letting the grateful bottom feel every inch of his smooth fat tool. After giving it to him from behind, he flips Garrett onto his back and fucks him again, until Garrett shoots a generous load onto his chiselled abs. Once he’s emptied his balls, the sub gets down to suck his master’s dick, letting Jimmy dump a wad of thick sticky cum over his shoulder and chest.

Pictures of Jimmy Durano fucking Alexander Garrett

See Jimmy Durano fuck Alexander Garrett in rubber gear

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