Straight biker groped and milked

Marko’s a cute straight guy who looks great in his dirty biker gear. But whatever the naive youngster was expecting when he signed up for this, the evil pervs behind Groping Hands have conspired to make sure this is one shoot he’ll never forget.

Marko gets groped

The scene begins with Marko kitted out in full racing colours, his face partly hidden inside his crash helmet. But just off-camera there are a couple of pairs of ‘helping hands’ that are bent on getting him out of his gear. The helmet comes off and the two gropers – both in full rubber – lift his shirt and start feeling his chest, tweaking at his nipples. After that, their attention turns southward and they begin making inroads into the boy’s pants. The biker pants and Diesel underwear come down and the two start fondling his cock, gently but no less invasively stroking his balls and pulling back his foreskin until the shaft starts to become hard.

Marko from Groping Hands

So far, so uncomfortable. But the two rubbermen decide to turn the heat up a notch, bending Marko over and prodding his virgin hole with their fingers, then sliding a glass butt plug inside, making their victim wince. His humiliation now almost complete, this biker boy is losing his erection fast. His two abusers pull at his foreskin while keeping the plug firmly planted in his hole until they’re finally ready to let him cum.

The final act has Marko lying back in a gynaecologist’s chair with his legs spread open, while the two men stroke his body, play with his balls and jerk his cock. When he can’t hold back any more, the hapless would-be porn idol finally releases a wad of cum, shooting over the hand of one of the other two. The last shot in this photo series has his tormentor lift a glob of slimy spunk to Marko’s own mouth. So does he go ahead and eat it? It looks like we’re going to have to subscribe to find out…

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Marko gets jerked off

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