Colt hunk Steve Kelso

Porn idol Steve Kelso graced magazine covers, calendars and just one video from the legendary Buckshot range over a period from the early to late 90s. To look at him, he could have stepped off a set from 20 years earlier – with his rugged clone look, he’s the perfect embodiment of 70s porn perfection.

Picture of Steve Kelso in leather

Colt’s newly released picture collection celebrates Kelso’s short career. With his thick tache, dark eyes and hairy, muscled torso, it’s easy to see why he was an immediate hit with the studio’s fan base. His only video appearance was in Intimate Hours from the Buckshot series, where he gives a sexy softcore performance that was edited into John Rutherford’s Waterbucks compilation 10 years later.

Pictures of Steve Kelso in military, cowboy and surfer gear

Steve Kelso in Waterbucks: watch a clip

Pictures of Steve Kelso naked

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