Cuffed sub gives up his ass

Franco Ferarri’s cuffed to the wall and just begging to get fucked. It’s too bad masked dominator Jordano Santoro has different ideas: he’s determined to put Ferarri through his paces before he’s ready to let him have what he wants.

Franco Ferarri in rubber

Franco may be gagging for cock but Santoro’s not giving in that easily. He starts off by giving the hungry bottom’s bubble butt a dusting with a mean-looking leather flogger. When the greedy boy’s cheeks are starting to look pink, he’s allowed down from his platform so Jordano can fuck his face.

Jordano Santoro and Franco Ferarri in The Dom

Next the ass-obsessed top lubes up two fingers and slides them into his captive’s tight butt, gently opening him up and feeling the inside of his warm hole. At last Franco gets his prize – and that’s to squat down on Jordano’s hard dick and ride the Latin stud until he’s ready to get up and dump his own cum over that rubber gas mask.

Watch Franco Ferarri get his butt fucked

Jordano Santoro fucks Franco Ferarri

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