Tony Buff sounds Derek da Silva

It’s a long time since I’ve done any sounding but this scorching scene from the Fetish Force archives bring it all back!

Tony Buff and Derek da Silva

Leather hunk Derek da Silva is clearly loving every sensation as Tony Buff (credited here as Anthony Drago) slides a thin rod into the bound hunk’s urethra. What surprises me is just how much metal this stud can take. After stroking da Silva’s hard-on and tapping his fingers against his shaft, Buff manages to squeeze a second sound into his lubricated piss-hole. Squeezing both of the slim steel stems in and out, Tony forces a series of low groans from Derek.

Tony Buff and Derek da Silva

There’s more to come, though, as Tony sets about torturing his victim’s balls. It’s a moment of such relentless cruelty that it has da Silva straining against the ropes, drenched in sweat as he throws back his head and screams in pain. Buff’s not going any easier on him, though, as he progresses to using Derek’s hard-on as a punch bag and rounding the scene off by fucking him in the ass.

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Tony Buff and Derek da Silva

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