Piss Army recruit gets a soaking

In this scene from the Fetish Force raunchfest Piss Army, Sergeant Drew Cutler puts young Chris Porter through his paces, hosing him down with hot piss before bending him over to give him a thorough pounding.

Drew Cutler plays with Chris Porter's ass

At the beginning of the scene, Chris pulls Cutler’s joint out of his combat pants and starts slowly jerking him off as Cutler hungrily kisses the young recruit. Evil Sergeant Drew makes Porter open his mouth so he can spit down the boy’s throat, then gets him on his knees and trains him to suck dick. It turns out Chris is a fast learner and he’s soon taking Cutler’s meat all the way to the hilt until he’s gagging on it.

Cutler takes a step back and aims a jet of warm piss all over Porter’s face and t-shirt. Then he takes a piss right into his mouth and sprays him up and down until he’s ready to have his dick sucked a second time. Next he gets Chris out of his clothes and onto all fours. Standing behind him, he takes a leak all over the butt-naked boy, urinating over his back and ass.

Drew Cutler and Chris Porter in Piss Army

When he’s finished, he beats his dick against Porter’s ass and kneels down to lick his hole. After he’s eaten him out, Cutler’s ready to piss again, so he lets loose another stream over Chris’s ass. And after that, he stuffs his dick into him, rounding off the scene by fucking him on all fours.

Watch Chris Porter taking Sergeant Cutler’s piss

Drew Cutler fucks Chris Porter in Piss Army

Watch the free preview video at Fetish Force

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