Cazzo pigs handball in rubber

I’m not sure what these two messy Europeans are using for fisting – looks like motor oil – but it’s a typical oddball touch from Cazzo, Germany’s premier purveyor of sleaze.

Tyson Taylor in rubber jeans

There’s some unusual rubber on display in this scene from Krass, with Leroy Lelleck and Tyson Tylor. Tylor’s wearing imitation bleached jeans in skintight latex with rubber skinhead braces, and later a rubber jock. Lelleck is all wrapped up in a translucent open-assed latex body suit.

The action kicks off with Leroy sucking Tyson’s big black dick deep into his mouth, gorging on every inch. Next the pair get onto one of the work benches so Tylor can bend Lelleck over and tongue his hole, lubing it up with copious volumes of spit before he pushes his cock inside and fucks him hard on the bench.

That’s just a little gentle preparation for what comes next, though. With thick black oil slathered around his hole, Leroy gets his ass properly fisted, rounding the scene off by getting up on one knee and riding Tylor’s hand while he jerks his cock, grunting like the pig he is.

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Tyson Taylor fists Leroy Lelleck

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