Jessy Ares looks fucking hot in rubber

I can’t make up my mind whether I’d rather see more rubber on Colt hunk Jessy Ares or get a better look at that tanned, toned torso. On the one hand, I normally think the more rubber the better – but in this scene from Colt’s Slick, Jessy looks amazing just in black, yellow-trimmed rubber underwear and bicep bands.

Picture of Jessy Ares in rubber

The latest in a series of latex-themed solos, this one has Ares administering a bit of self-love under the shower, stroking his hands over his body while he’s packing a monster hard-on inside those latex briefs. He plays with his cock through the tight-fitting shiny material, pushing it hard against the rubber until his briefs look set to burst.

Finally the latex comes off, Jessy looping it around his stiff dick and stroking it up and down. He bends over to give us a perfect view of his round, lightly haired bubble butt. Then he straightens up and jerks his cock until his ready to dump a load of sticky cum.

Pictures of Jessy Ares getting rubbered up in Slick

Jessy Ares jerks off in rubber

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