Cute boy tied up in cycling shorts

Check out these shots of sexy Dylan Roberts from Bound Jocks. This smooth, muscled young pup is getting all sweaty and excited as he test drives some of the restraints in the BJ studio.

Dylan Roberts in cycling shorts

A couple of these pictures have turned up in Bound Jocks’ advertising before now, but this is the first time they’ve released the whole set – and it was worth the wait.

Watch Dylan Roberts get tied up

Left to his own devices, Dylan soon starts playing around with some of the bondage equipment left out on the Bound Jocks set. Soon he’s getting all hot and bothered, until there’s sweat running off his chiselled young torso, soaking the front of his yellow cycling shorts. By the time Dylan’s got his legs pulled up and open in a pair of stirrups, there’s a boner starting to grow inside his spandex.

Dylan Roberts gets tied up

Check out the free clip

Dylan Roberts at Bound Jocks

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