5 hot scenes with Dolan Wolf

He’s a gear-fetish idol, self-professed kinkster, a sci-fi geek and, according to his website, ‘a professional badass’. When it comes to fisting, he gives and takes in equal measure. Plus he was recently awarded the coveted title of Best British Daddy – at the ripe old age of 42.

Image of Dolan Wolf in a leather harness

Hairy, bearded, ruggedly handsome Brit Dolan Wolf has been getting down n’ dirty for the camera – both in and out of gear – since about 2009. He’s a perennial favourite with Butch Dixon and UK Naked Men and he’s worked for an eclectic pick of top studios, from Colt to Cazzo.

All that and he takes centre stage in the classy photo shoot for Recon’s upcoming London Fetish Week. So as Mr Wolf’s star continues to rise, let’s take a look back at some of this top dog’s most scorching scenes.

Bound Jocks (2012)

This update from the net’s most prolific bondage site has Dolan tied on his back with his ankles hoisted high in the air and a length of rope connecting his balls to the gag stuffed in his mouth. And if that sounds uncomfortable, things are only set to get worse as a horned-up Jessy Ares enters the scene. Spying poor Dolan’s hole – all exposed and vulnerable – Jessy seizes his opportunity and sets about taking advantage of the defenceless bondage bottom.

The folks at Bound Jocks have a flair for creative bondage scenarios – it’s astonishing how many variations they come up with on their one basic trope – and this one’s typically complex and ingenious. Wolf has shot numerous scenes with the US studio, including several in front of live audiences at IML. But for my money this one comes out top.

Images of Jessy Ayers and Dolan Wolf

Watch Dolan’s scene at Bound Jocks

Armour (2013)

Uniform, leather and sports kit all have their place in this fetish gear actioner from Colt director Kristofer Weston. The second of Wolf’s two scenes, this one sees Dolan endure a searching interrogation by cigar-chomping Bob Hager. It’s recommended viewing for smoking fans, and there’s plenty of deep-throat action as the two hunks gorge on each other’s stiff cocks. The scene reaches its crescendo with the pair of them standing side-by-side, eyeball-to-eyeball as they jerk each other off.

Images of Dolan Wolf and Bob Hager in Armour

Watch Armour at Colt

Hard Play (2013)

Pairing Wolf with hardcore fisting devotee Christian Herzog was bound to bring trouble. What results is a truly eye-watering performance from both. The highlight of the scene comes when the two pigs lie back and share a huge black double-ender, fucking themselves and each other all at once.

There’s more and bigger to come, though, when the pair start laying into each others’ asses with their fists. Dolan sits up and takes a ride on Herzog’s beefy forearm before turning the tables and fisting his buddy almost as far as the elbow.

Images of Dolan Wolf and Christian Herzog in Hard Play

Watch Hard Play at Cazzo

Just Fucked (2013)

If you found a pissed-up, blacked-out straight guy lying amid the shambles of a wrecked hotel room, it might be hard to see the funny side – at least, it might if it’s your hotel. Manager Dolan is all smart and suited in this one, walking in on the aftermath of a boisterous stag do that’s left bridegroom Marco Rubi hung over, stark naked and tied to his bed.

Taking the situation in hand, Wolf starts fondling the young hunk’s cock, getting it hard before getting down to take it all the way into his mouth. And despite Marco’s helpless protestations, Dolan’s got his eye on the ultimate prize: hoisting the boy’s legs up, he rubbers up his cock and tucks into the groom’s silky smooth virgin hole.

Images of Dolan Wolf and Marco Rubi in Just Fucked

Watch Just Fucked at Men at Play

Long Arm of the Law (2013)

A prison cellblock is the setting for this two-way fisting marathon between Dolan and inveterate butt slut Drew Sebastian. While Sebastian has been giving his ass away to the prison’s population of horny, sexed-up inmates, little did he realise Officer Wolf had been paying close attention via the block’s CCTV system.

Drew is left with little choice but to give up his hole once again, lying back with his legs in the air to allow Dolan to probe his butt with a mean-looking truncheon. Of course, Drew can take bigger things than that, so Wolf dons rubber gloves and expertly slides his hand in. By the end of the scene, Dolan’s getting his fair share of fist too, swallowing up Sebastian’s tattooed arm until each of them is ready to spill a wad of sticky hot cum.

Images of Dolan Wolf and Drew Sebastian in Long Arm of the Law

Watch Long Arm of the Law at Club Inferno Dungeon

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