Sleeping Spanish hunk gets hot anal workout

It’s hard to blame Antionio Aguilera for taking advantage of his flatmate when he comes home from the gym to find the towering hunk fast asleep on the couch. If it was you, wouldn’t you take the chance to cop a feel of that fat cock or run your hand over his bulging pecs?

Bodybuilder Flex asleep on the couch in Drunk Fucked

With the apartment to himself for the evening, bearded bodybuilder Flex drinks himself to sleep while jerking off to porn. By the time Antonio is home, he’s out for the count – or so it seems.

Antonio Aguilera and Flex in Drunk Fucked

Antonio is quick to make the most of his pal’s vulnerable state, whipping out his dick and feeding it into the slumbering hunk’s open mouth, and even invading his perfectly rounded ass. By the time Flex reveals the truth – that he’s wide awake and loving it – Antonio is already pumping his hairy butt for all he’s worth.

See hulking Flex take it in the ass

Antonio Aguilera and Flex in Drunk Fucked

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