Logan McCree poled by football buddy Scott Tanner

Pro football players Logan McCree and Scott Tanner get dirty off the pitch in a classic scene from Fetish Force.

Logan McCree sucks Scott Tanner's dick

Logan McCree in action

Tattooed stud Logan McCree was one of studio porn’s hottest properties a couple of years ago – and he’s now carved out a successful niche running his own independent site – but this scene from Fetish Force is from his feature-length classic Jock Itch.

It starts with McCree pulling the shorts off rugged, bearded hunk Scott Tanner using just his teeth before clamping his lips around Tanner’s handsome shaft. McCree shows he can swallow cock all the way to the root, deep throating every inch of his football buddy’s massive meat. The pair jerk each other’s cocks before Tanner grabs McCree’s balls and shoves his inked manhood into his hungry mouth.

But it’s the moment when Logan sticks his tongue into the other man’s crack and eats out his ass that has Tanner moaning with pleasure – and we get to see the spit running from Scott’s tight hole as McCree pulls out and then buries his face deep in his buddy’s ass for more.

It’s not long before Tanner’s ramming his big dick into McCree’s hole, with McCree jerking his hard cock continually until the scene climaxes as the two studs cum together.

Logan McCree and Scott Tanner in Jock Itch

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