Landon Conrad tied up in spandex

It’s going to take poor Landon Conrad a bit of time to work his cock to the point he can actually cum – what with his wrists and ankles tied so he can’t reach it. He’s stretched out on a metal table in a tight-fitting spandex wrestler’s suit in this solo shoot for Bound Jocks, just itching to grab hold of his joint and jack off.

Picture of Landon Conrad in a spandex wrestling suit

I love these Bound Jocks shoots where there’s just one near-incapacitated model that has to try to masturbate – with no hands. I’m quite happy to watch muscular, bearded Landon Conrad straining against the ropes and busting a nut just to rub the front of his spandex singlet against the surface of the table. Plus half way through this shoot, the suit comes off so we can get a better view of his thick, juicy dick and perfectly toned ass.

Pictures of Landon Conrad from Bound Jocks

Watch Landon Conrad try to jerk off in bondage

Pictures of Landon Conrad naked and tied up

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