Samuel Colt bound and abused

Men at Play is officially 10 years old – and to celebrate, they’ve bound Samuel Colt to a chair and let sexy Alex Marte loose on his hulking, muscular body.

Samuel Colt fucks Alex Marte

I’ve said this before, but Samuel Colt’s one of my favourite porn studs right now – and I never get tired of watching this muscle daddy getting sleazy in front of the camera. In Captive, he emerges from a drugged sleep to the realization he’s been blindfolded and tied to a chair. Helpless and at the mercy of Alex Marte, he’s powerless to resist as Marte starts cutting away his smart suit to expose the sculpted body underneath.

But as Colt begins to realize, it’s not all that bad being kidnapped by an Italian porn hunk who’s hell-bent on pleasuring every inch of your body. There’s plenty of mutual dick sucking before Marte moves things up a notch by sitting down on Samuel’s hard cock and taking it in his ass. And Colt doesn’t go without either: imprisonment just gets better and better as Alex frees him from his bonds and bends him over to ram his joint into the grateful captive’s tight hole.

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Alex Marte puts Samuel Colt in bondage

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