Cute bottom boy ready for first fist

Brian Bonds’ slicked-up hole looks like it’s winking at us. As this cute young butt slut lies on his back in his red harness and jock, his legs wide open, he tightens and relaxes his sphincter, squeezing out a trickle of lube. As his partner in this scene – the equally fuckable Sebastian Keys – rightly observes, that really is one “nice pretty hole”.

Brian Bonds jerks off into Sebastian Keys' hand

And first to stretch Brian’s wet, puckered ass is a flesh-coloured dildo shaped like a big dick. Bonds passes this first test with ease as Keys slides it in there and then starts pumping it in and out. He slows down to twist it about, working it in deep until it’s in almost to the hilt.

Brian Bonds gets fucked with a dildo

But that’s just the start. Once he’s got his buddy relaxed, Sebastian smears his black latex gloves with sticky lube and pushes half his hand inside. He starts off stuffing four fingers in just as far as the knuckle. Now, there have been other, more experienced visitors to the Club Inferno Dungeon that would have sucked up Keys’ arm without flinching. But it’s all the hotter to watch Bonds crying out and straining to take it as Sebastian gets closer and closer to pushing past the knuckle.

In the end it’s all too much – and the boi bottom has to jerk his cock until he finally dumps his load into Keys’ slimy, waiting palm.

Watch Brian get his ass stretched

Sebastian Keys fists Brian Bonds in Down & Dirty


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